White Mushroom

(Agaricus bisporus)

Our range includes a wide selection of white mushrooms, available in various sizes, from small (30-40mm) to large (100-120mm), allowing for product customization to meet individual customer needs. We also offer aromatic, large open white mushrooms - flat type, to meet diverse appearance and texture requirements. We ensure that our products are always fresh and of high quality. The possibility of order customization includes the choice of packaging, labeling, and product configuration in the packaging, allowing for perfect adaptation to the specific needs of our customers. Our mushrooms are selected and packed with the utmost care to ensure their freshness, firmness, and safety. The quality of our products is always proportional to the price, ensuring customer satisfaction. Contact us for detailed product information and a personalized quote tailored to your needs.


Brown Mushroom and Portabello

Our range includes brown mushrooms, are available in many sizes and types. They start from small - diameter of 20-40 mm and end with large, open Portabello caps measuring 100-120 mm. Brown mushrooms are characterized by a more intense flavor compared to white mushrooms, making them a unique and effective addition to many dishes. We ensure that our brown mushrooms are always fresh and of high quality. We adapt to our customers' needs, offering the possibility of order customization, including the choice of packaging and labeling, allowing for perfect product adaptation to individual requirements. Our mushrooms are selected with the utmost care to guarantee their firmness, freshness, and safety for consumption. We offer competitive prices that reflect the high quality of our products. Contact us for more information and a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs. Our brown mushrooms are the perfect choice for those looking for a distinctive flavor and attractive appearance in their culinary creations.




Organic White Mushroom

In our offer, you will find white mushrooms with an ORGANIC certificate, issued in accordance with Article 35(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/848 on organic production and labeling of organic products. Our mushrooms have an organic certificate, confirming that they are cultivated without the use of synthetic plant protection products, artificial fertilizers, or genetic modifications. The entire production process of our mushrooms is carried out sustainably, with full consideration for the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity. Offering ORGANIC products is for us not only a commitment to delivering healthy and safe products but also an expression of care for future generations and our planet. Our ORGANIC mushrooms are the perfect choice for customers who are looking for high-quality products, produced with respect for the environment. We encourage you to choose our ORGANIC mushrooms, which guarantee that clean, healthy products produced in harmony with nature

reach your tables. We offer competitive prices that reflect the high quality and ecological value of our products. For those interested in detailed offer information and individual pricing, please contact us. Our ORGANIC mushrooms are an excellent choice for everyone who values a healthy lifestyle and respects the natural environment.




Sliced Mushrooms

Responding to the growing needs of our customers, we have introduced sliced mushrooms to our offer, combining the convenience of quick meal preparation with the guarantee of freshness and quality. Our mushrooms, both white and brown, are precisely sliced and packaged in weights ranging from 200g to 1000g, according to our customers' individual wishes. Our sliced mushrooms are ready to eat directly, significantly reducing meal preparation time while retaining all the flavor and nutritional values of fresh mushrooms. This is the perfect solution for those who value a healthy diet but also look for ways to save time in the kitchen. We ensure that our products are safe and of the highest quality, so all processes from selection, through slicing, to packaging, are strictly monitored and carried out according to the highest standards. For additional information and individual pricing, please contact us. By choosing our sliced mushrooms, you opt for convenience and quality, paired with care for health and time.



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