HISTORY Founded in 1987, our company is not just a business with a long-standing tradition but also a family enterprise proudly passed down from generation to generation. Our success is built on experience, the continuous implementation of innovative technologies, and a commitment to the highest quality of our products. The foundation of our business is the production of substrate for mushroom cultivation, a passion and commitment we have had since the 1980s. It was the high quality of our substrate and its market interest that catalyzed further development and expansion of our company, which continues to grow. As a family-oriented company, we value tradition, reliability, and close relationships both within our organization and in our interactions with our clients and partners. As a result, our company not only grows stronger but also maintains solid foundations based on trust, quality, and the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our operations. Our activities are not limited to this industry alone. In our continuous pursuit of development and diversification, we are expanding our horizons to other sectors and new business directions.



OUR MISSION Our mission "Working together, we win together" is the essence of our business and reflects our deep belief in the power of cooperation. This guiding motto applies to both our employees and external partners with whom we collaborate. At the heart of this philosophy is our team - passionate individuals who contribute to our success daily. They are people who approach new challenges with enthusiasm, constantly develop their skills, and bring innovative ideas. We believe that the diversity and talent of each team member are our strengths. We create an environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience, enabling personal and professional development for every employee. Our mission also relates to partnerships with other companies. We understand that true business success results from

collaboration and mutual support. Through our relationships with external partners, we aim to create synergy where joint action benefits all involved parties. Our pursuit of excellence and quality in every aspect of our operations is supported by solid and fruitful partnerships. In this way, our mission "Working together, we win together" becomes a reality, both within our organization and in our external business relationships. This combination of the internal strength of our team with the power of external partnerships is key to our collective success and ongoing development.





HAJDUK Podłoże do pieczarek sp zoo

Ciepielówek 1

67-410 Sława


tel: +48 68 356 82 00

email: zarzad@hajduk.pl